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MyDrumShop is the French specialist of Drums / Percussion and Digital instruments. You will find here the best of the world the drums from our historic site and an Audio catalog made for musicians (sound, digital instruments, beatmakers ...)

We deliver all the major brands throughout Europe and maintain a service of spare parts on all our drums, percussions, sound & digital products.

Shure Microphones, Headsets and Accessories

The reference in sound for drummers, but not only!

A complete range of products

The sound of a drum can be complex because the configuration of percussion can vary enormously, and several types of microphones are usually necessary to capture the different parts of the battery. The Shure range offers a wide range of microphones to meet all these needs.

Each instrument has a microphone

Piano, drums, guitar, saxophone ... each instrument produces its own tone, and to better capture each of them, it is important to understand exactly how it is to produce sound, and to propose a microphone dedicated to each instrument.

Shure offers many types of microphones, perfectly suited to all instruments and configurations imaginable. When choosing a microphone, it is important to take into account the polar pattern, the frequency response and even the attachment system to the instrument.

Yamaha Tour Custom Drums

Fit to meet the demands of the serious drummer

Quality and reliability

The design of this series is based on a heritage of 50 years while keeping most of what makes the unique and recognizable sound of the Absolute series. This series combines Yamaha projection and hardware with the unique grain of American maple at an adjusted price.

The Yamaha sound

The 100% maple shells of the Tour Custom offer warmth and shine. Made from 6 ply of 5.6mm. They deliver a deep, dynamic sound and incredible sustain. The satin varnish finish maximizes the sound possibilities of this kit at ease in all styles.

Inverted Super Hoop (2.3mm): this new design with an inverted reverse offers better control of the sound and magnifies the maple.

The shells offer the exclusive Yamaha Absolute lugs. Their sophisticated design adds a touch of class to the drums.

Roland TD-17 V-DRUMS

Become faster a better drummer

Designed to play

The V-Drums TD-17 range allows you to implement all aspects of your technique and benefit from working tools that will allow you to go even further. The integrated coaching features will also allow you to evaluate your technique, measure your progress and increase your desire to play

Enjoy TD-50 technology

At the heart of these kits is the new TD-17 Sound Module, which provides a high-end gaming experience through its advanced Prismatic Sound Modeling, inherited from the high-end TD-50 module.

The TD-17 module faithfully reproduces the timbres and behaviors of an acoustic drum, with a lightning-fast response time and natural timbre changes depending on the location and strength of the striking on the skin.

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