Acoustic Drums

"The less expensive I have, the more I have!" and the opposite is also true :) The acoustic drum is the assembly of 3 families: drums, cymbals and hardware. The more we play, the more we choose separately the components of each family.

Electronic Drums

"The electronics are less than an acoustic": Well it's wrong! we could say that these are 2 different instruments like the acoustic piano and the keyboard. We can do the same thing, but not with the same purpose.

Snare Drums

"But why is it so important?" The snare drum is the engine of your acoustic drum. This is the snare which makes your groove and gives you that particular sound. So choose the snare drum that suits you.


"Is it normal that there are so many drumsticks ?" A pair of drumsticks is like a good pair of sneakers: one for every occasion :) To be comfortable, to play light, to send wood, to be fast ...


"I think I never replaced them ..." It's not good! Well yes, it's as if your guitarist was playing on his strings bought 20 years ago; it sounds bad and we can not tune it.


"What a title!" We group under this nice term a little geek, all the supports, pedals and stands that allow us to play our drums and accessories. In short, it is actually all that is entirely metal and often heavy.

More stuff...

Spare Parts

"Repair, change, modify ..." Your drum is a bit like a motorcycle, we can always find something to improve, make more beautiful ... So we offer a shop in shop as full as possible!


"Never be deprived" Whether to progress, work your instrument, equip yourself, make a gift: we are all fans of accessories for our favorite drums.

Bags & Cases

"It's expensive to just carry his drums?" Yes, it is true that buying covers is an investment, especially if you carry 3x per year :) But there is nothing worse than to damage his drums so dearly acquired.