Lowest price, or we'll beat it

The web is not a desert island and our super sophisticated radars can miss a low price.

If you witness this horrible event, click on the button "found cheaper" present on all the products pages and indicate the necessary information.

A team of super trained mercenaries will be sent within one hour to restore our honor.

As soon as this injustice is repaired, you will receive an email informing you that we have the lowest price!

Satisfied or Refunded 30 days

Sometimes, even after hours of intense reflections and searching for the perfect instrument or accessory, you can go wrong (the Drummer is the most perfect musician, he can in rare cases fail).

It may happen also not to be necessarily available, right now, when we receive his beautiful order to take the time to discover the product carefully chosen and take it in hand.

That's why on My DrumShop we offer you the time to take your time (that's right, no ?!) to discover your material after receipt.

All conditions here.

3 years warranty for real

Already the obvious things:

"The guarantee": This is when we replace or repair the product purchased from us free of charge and broken or broken when you used it normally (I see some metal drummers who look at their broken sticks with a thoughtful look ... we said 'normally')

"3 years": easy, it is the duration during which your products are guaranteed (ie 1 year more than the French 2 years legal guarantee, that it is gift).

But what does it mean 'for real' will you ask me?

"for real": this is where My DrumShop marks its difference. We do not leave you at the hand of a technical center; We are the human intermediary between you and the manufacturer to present the problem and quickly validate the guarantee. We will discuss with you to make travel only the element incriminated in the breakdown. In short, we are at your side so you can re-play as quickly as possible.

More info here.

Specialists and Enthustiasts

From the accountant to the shipping team of your dear parcels; My DrumShop is passion in the rough!

Without laughing (even if we like it), our philosophy is that selling a musical instrument is not just sending a cardboard: it is knowing the why of its design, the history of the brand, its characteristics , the way it will sound where to behave ... In short, it's all that makes the DNA of a musical instrument, whether acoustic or electronic.

To put you in the little secrets, when some weekend we meet colleagues with a good beer, we always discuss the number of perfect folds of a skin following the style of music or the way of sound the rock quintet came to watch the showroom. It's telling you!

In any case, the team is at your disposal to discuss and discuss your passion which is also ours.

We are waiting for you here.

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