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  • Transaction guarantee (CB, Paypal, Transfer ...)
  • You pay commission fees only if it's sold
  • Your buyers benefit from all payment methods
  • We read again, we correct and we put on line
  • Mydrumshop customer support for buyer and seller

How it works ?

  • We send you an email as soon as your gear is selled
  • You make the shipment to the buyer
  • You send us the tracking of the package
  • Buyer confirms receipt of your gear
  • Your payment is triggered 10 days later

How much does it cost ?

  • No publication fees
  • Commission fees only if it's sold
  • The commission fees covers the insurance of the payments, the verification and online presence of your ad, the customer service with the buyers
  • If you choose to receive your money by bank transfer: we deduct a commission of 15% of the payment
  • If you choose a payment with a MyDrumshop voucher: we deduct a commission of 10% of the amount of the gift voucher
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