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Drumstick Family


34 cm - 35 cm

Drumstick Diameter

1 cm - 2 cm
Performer Brushes

Regal Tip Performer Brushes Jeff Hamilton (Retractable)

Soon Available
The Jeff Hamilton signature brush has our thickest gauge wire (.019) to date. This brush gives the player a bright, proud wash and articulation for snare and cymbal playing that will carry through even the largest of big band settings. The Thicker Gauge wire combined with its weighted Santoprene rubber handle and signature adjustable spread gives the...
Performer Brushes

Regal Tip Performer Brushes Jason Sutter The Sutter (Retractable)

Shipped within 4 to 10 days
“The Sutter” has a medium gauge wire (.016) resulting in a more articulate wash for snare drum playing. Its thicker gauge wire is less flexible than the classic 583   and allows clearer articulation when playing rim shots and backbeats. The Jason Sutter brush is great for any style of music from Jazz, Country, R&B, and rock.
Performer Brushes

Regal Tip Performer Brushes Clayton Cameron (Fixed)

Shipped within 4 to 10 days
A fantastic brush player needs a fantastic brush.  Enter the Clayton Cameron Signature brush.  This fixed brush offers a santoprene rubber handle for grip, a nylon end-cap for cross-sticking, and a riveted butt end for cymbal scrapes.  Not to mention that is has fantastic balance and feel.  This brush is almost as innovative as Clayton himself.
Performer Brushes

Regal Tip Performer Brushes Ed Thigpen (Retractable)

Shipped within 4 to 10 days
For a legendary jazz drummer, an equally legendary brush had to be created.  Our Ed Thigpen signature brush is a hybrid wood/rubber retractable brush.  This brush features a tactile rubber front half and a lacquered hickory back half.  The tactile rubber offers a comfortable and sure grip perfect for doing cross-sticks with the hickory back-end.  Also, if...
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